In 1981, Michigan Dunes Montessori was incorporated with the goal of providing Montessori education to the children of Muskegon County and all surrounding areas.

      In the fall of 1982, a single classroom was rented in Bluffton School near Lake Michigan to serve preprimary-aged children. In only three years with great resolve the program grew to include the first Montessori primary in Muskegon County.  

       In 1986, the preprimary was moved to Pine Grove Reformed Church. That same year, Michigan Dunes Montessori began the first Montessori toddler program in Western Michigan. Finally, in 1987, the Michigan Dunes Montessori Children’s House at 5248 Henry Street was built. Miracles abounded, and by September 1st it was completely functional.

      The quality which had won the hearts of so many parents and children continued, and soon all programs were bursting at the seams. In the years that followed, Michigan Dunes Montessori went through two major expansions. The first was in 1991 doubling its size with the addition of a lunchroom, multipurpose room, and art music wing. The second was in 1994 expanding the toddler area to accommodate more toddlers, and to add a new classroom for the very first Montessori infant program in Muskegon County. In 2005, a state of the art computer lab for the cheap replica watches kindergarten and primary was added, and finally beginning this year, Michigan Dunes Montessori will offer year-round Montessori education.

      Michigan Dunes Montessori is the oldest surviving Montessori school in Muskegon County. It‘s history is one of continual growth while simultaneously holding fast to the principles of excellence in Montessori education.

Celebrating 25 years of service to the community (1981 - 2006)

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